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The Currency for Human Value

akasha: Sanskrit for space or ether – the unseen element connecting and separating all things. aKash (KASH) is a digital asset that represents human values. It is a concept of what we value in life and what we are willing to exchange for them. aKash is intended to be traded for what we love.

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Phase 1

  • Public Launch
  • First Airdrop
  • Create community & social media pages
  • Second Airdrop

Phase 2 (In Progress)

  • Whitelisting on Steller DEXes
  • Add liquidity & ability to earn interest on KASH (we’re looking at CD style deposits similar to HEX)
  • List KASH on CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko

Phase 3 (In Progress)

  • 3rd Revision of whitepaper (fill in the tables comparing KASH to other payment networks)
  • Upgrade Servers
  • Add ability to send/receive aKash (or any stellar) payments to your own easy to use address – kind of like an email!).
  • Market aKash to service based brands/businesses for accepting payments: Tutors, Coaches, Instructors, Media Production, Consulting, Healthcare*(Services only –i.e. massage, chiropractic, dietitian, training, design, etc)
  • Announce first pledge from a business to accept KASH payments for services
  • Centralized Exchange Listings
  • Implement payment terminal for businesses to accept payments for KASH commodities (possibly any Stellar asset)
  • Host DEX for KASH and KASH commodities

Phase 4

  • Build commodity anchor network (It’s nice that you can buy a lambo or a tesla with bitcoin, but you can't eat a lamborghini. We are looking at more practical use cases like food!)
  • Commodity trading and DEX app – create anchor issuer partnerships: Farmers & agriculture (begin partnering with farmers who are willing to supply produce to local markets); restaurants and stores; more service based industries
  • aKash Commodity trading app? (We’ll see if it’s necessary – we just want to make it easy for every day people to purchase what they want/need with crypto.)


aKash (KASH) is a cryptocurrency asset that represents human values. It is a concept of what we value in life and what we are willing to exchange for them. aKash is intended to be traded for whatever we love, want, and need. That means everything from a yoga class, food, or getting a logo made. The goal of KASH is to facilitate transfer of common commodities (like food or clothes) and services (like a personal trainer, or therapy) in their digital forms. In essence, we are popularizing the concept of bartering. The only catch is that with current technology, it’s no longer limited to small intentional communities (e.g. hippy communes). We can accomplish this on a global scale for a sustainable future.
KASH is currently available on all Stellar Decentralized Exchanges. Find it by searching for KASH or for this domain (jah.guide). You can also manually add the asset to your account via the issuer address: GCIIF44GCNRTWY2ED6WJJRXEJ2XR45GVZ5AHPPLYE3HYK2BZ7SVNDJ7R

Technically anywhere that uses the SDEX or accept P2P transactions via the Stellar Network. Pretty soon you will be able to seamlessly trade KASH for food, entertainment, education, and anything else you value.
We are developing the KASH Commodity network and partnering with commodity anchors to facilitate bartering on a global scale and allow network assets to be redeemed for real-world equivalents. Sign up for our newsletter for updates.

KASH is designed for payments and exchanges. KASH has extremely low fees (usually a fraction of a cent), and can complete transactions in a matter of seconds. Dogecoin was started as a joke. It is better for transfer than bitcoin for example, but it still needs requires mining – a resource intensive process in which computers cross check the network to make sure that the transaction being made is valid. Other blockchain networks (like Bitcoin and Ethereum) are even MORE energy intensive than Dogecoin and can be even slower when then network is busy. It is not unheard of for Bitcoin transactions to take over an hour because of heavy network traffic. Please read our whitepaper to learn more about our decision in supporting the Stellar network.

A cryptocurrency “wallet” works more like an account than a wallet. As long as you have your “secret keys” you can access your wallet from any device or any compatible wallet app. It’s like logging on to your bank account – except as a decentralized network – your assets are not owned or held by another party. Whoever has the keys has access to withdraw from that account. This is why it’s important never to share your secret key. The “keys” are actually permanent addresses that point back to where your assets are stored on the network. It is a password that cannot be changed.

You can create a wallet online but we recommend a mobile app like to safely transact online – that way you don’t have to expose your secret (withdrawal) key online.Solar Wallet or Lobstr to manage your assets and connecting your secret key to a plugin like Freighter